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What are the types of false eyelashes?

- Oct 11, 2018 -

1. Natural eyelashes.

In the choice daily makeup time can be worn directly, very natural, brush eyelash to cream later with our own eyelash same, when using, want to cut a bit short, can be more natural, suit natural makeup look, with eyelash scarce crowd.

2. Grow single eyelashes naturally.

Such eyelash is used more at mascara advertisement. Single eyelashes need to be planted one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious. The requirement is to use them when the makeup is clear, clear and clear, which can bring the perfect vision of simulated eyelashes. It's also used in flawless makeup.

3. Natural single cluster eyelashes.

There is a small root, the eyelash that assumes claw-like form to separate slightly let eyelash radian more natural, because be cluster shape eyelash, the root wants to be planted on eyelash root eyelash line, hide stem, also be convenient to be planted at inside and outside corner of the eye, will perfect eye shape, more use at bridal makeup. It makes people look lively.

4. Mesh and interlace with false eyelashes.

For reticulated lashes, apply to light smoky or slightly thick eyelashes. Also apply in the makeup look that feels metal, show simple sense and temperament more easily.

5. charm a whole row of coarse eyelashes.

The eyelashes, which are radially thick and thin, are used to increase eye contact and make the eyes appear larger, but they also thicken the makeup. Sometimes it can be used as a substitute for binoculars to help perfect the shape of the eyes, which is suitable for a slightly thicker daily makeup.

6. Transparent eyelashes.

For people who only ask for the length and density of their eyelashes, it's definitely a good choice, with colourless roots that make it look more natural, and plastic transparent stems that don't feel as limited as a frame. It is also becoming more and more popular with young girls.

7. Lashes with lace design.

For many Chinese brides and some corporate dinner parties, lacy eyelashes are more outstanding. Let a person be not aware at present a light, more increased woman flavour.

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