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Three Steps For False Eyelashes

- Oct 26, 2018 -

Not everyone has thick, attractive eyelashes, and that's when fake ones come in handy. Let us put aside the various false eyelashes on the market first, understand them from the false eyelashes themselves, choose the most suitable for their false eyelashes, to achieve the natural enlargement effect of the eyes.

Choose according to the wool

False eyelashes are made up of hairs and stalks. The hair is the most directly visible part of the appearance. Its material, length, curl and softness are all important factors that determine whether the eyes on the false eyelashes can fuse with their own eyelashes and show natural and real eyelashes.

(1) false eyelashes of true hair: made of natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows. This fake eyelash is similar to human hair, and is very soft, with a little bit of oil sheen, and naturally curly, the whole is very much our own eyelashes. So it's very natural to wear it and mix it up with real eyelashes.

Suit the crowd: because it is close to our own eyelash, so wear rise can and true eyelash complete confluence, can not see to have to wear false eyelash almost, it is the first choice of person that pursues natural makeup feeling, false without makeup. Note, however, that the false eyelashes are complicated to make and contain animal cells and molecules, and should not be used by people who are sensitive to the eye or are allergic to animal hair, which can lead to inflammation of the eye.

(2) artificial fiber false eyelashes: manufactured by synthetic and knitted synthetic fiber and combined with the sharpening process, the tail of the fiber is sharpened and the thickness is clear. The hair quality of this kind of eyelash is harder, arrange orderly, bending degree is consistent, the glossiness of eyelash below illumination is higher than true wool class false eyelash, natural degree is a little under true wool class false eyelash.

Suit the crowd: because it is arranged orderly, bend degree is unified, so natural degree is not as good as the true wool class that strewn at random has send false eyelash. But it has a natural shine to it, so people who want to increase the gloss of their eyelashes and accentuate their eye makeup will prefer it. As long as the softness is moderate, the length of hair is not staggered, wearing will be very natural. When using, use eyelash clip the become warped of true eyelash to clip the become warped with false eyelash similar, can let false eyelash and true eyelash natural confluence is together. Man-made fibers are highly adaptable, even for sensitive people.

Select according to stem quality

The hair of false eyelash is knot on one stalk of root, the stalk of false eyelash divides again stiff stem, soft stem and transparent stem, which is the most appropriate you? With what stem can support the eyelid that falls below collapse, enlarge double eye? Let's move on.

(1) hard stem: usually made of black plastic, also known as plastic stem. The stem is thick, black and hard, can bend at will, and the support is best among all stems. Next, discharge makeup fluid when discharge makeup won't permeate to stem in, easy clean, use repeatedly 10 times basically be no problem.

Suitable for people: the most suitable for eyelid droop, inner double and single eyelid. Because its hardness is high, can support the eyelid that droop completely, let eyelid do not cover double eye, expose double eye completely, achieve natural enlarge effect. Support inside double, single fold rise a natural drape, make an attractive double eyelid, the eye is magnified and abstruse, have glamour very much. Before wearing, adjust the bending degree of the stalk according to the curve of the eyes, so that the false eyelashes naturally fit the eyes, and it is not easy to poke the eyes.

(2) soft terrier: usually made of cotton thread, the terrier is relatively thin, soft and skin-friendly, and does not blink the skin. But because discharge makeup when discharge makeup fluid can be absorbed by cotton stalk, use basically 2 times cannot be used again, it is stem can breed bacterium to make eye ministry inflammation, 2 it is stem can be out of shape, reach the effect that enlarges double eye naturally.

For the crowd: best for double eyelid. Because cotton stem is too soft, and too fine, cannot prop up eyelid, can have adornment effect only. Because this does not need to adjust the double eyelid of eye model to want to highlight eye makeup, enlarge double eye, can choose pro-skin cotton stalk.

(3) transparent stem: made of transparent plastic, also known as fish line stem. Above all color is transparent color, stick on the eye is invisible basically. Second, the plastic material is better than black plastic, softer than black plastic stem toughness, more natural and a certain amount of support. This kind of stem basically is the complex of hard stem + soft stem, take each excellent union and become, magnify the effect of eye moderate, and can make makeup feeling natural.

Suitable for people: moderate hardness, can support slightly drooping eyelid, so not serious inside double can be controlled. It's also great for people with tired eyes, slim and supportive, not as heavy as the black plastic stems, with little weight on the upper eye.

Choose short stalks for both eyelash curlers

(1) cluster/dot stalk: as the name suggests, this kind of false eyelash root is very small, the eyelash number is the smallest only one, many is 6, 7, looks like grass seedling, the stalk looks like dot. It is soft and unsupported and can only be used as a decoration.

Purpose of use: mainly to fill the space between the eyelashes, so that the true and false eyelashes merge, to achieve the supernatural effect of the false eyelashes. Due to its small size, it takes a lot of time and energy to use. Usually when shooting a flat film, the model will only use it if she has one or two eyelash gaps in order to pursue perfection. Daily use is unnecessary. It is also used for semi-permanent eyelashes grafting, saving time on makeup and making imperfect eyelashes look larger by themselves.

(2) sectionalized expression: there are only a dozen false eyelashes in one section, and the whole is relatively sparse. The gaps between the bundles are well-spaced, as natural as true eyelashes. There are a variety of sizes, such as 3mm and 5mm, with great flexibility.

Purpose of use: first, stick one eyelash on the upper eyelash one by one, but do not connect together, according to the length of true eyelash and curl curl of each part of eye end eye, choose the false eyelash with different length and curvature, let the real and false eyelashes stick together, achieve the most natural density and curl curl. Two is, choose below 3mm, the interval sticks next eyelash place, fill a gap, let fluctuation eyelash echo, appear eye makeup more natural, bushy, bright. This kind of false eyelash, as long as you are careful enough to choose, the patience sticks, can be managed, let the eye become big bright.

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