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How to discharge false eyelash correctly

- Dec 11, 2018 -

How does false eyelash discharge first step

Dip a cotton swab into a small amount of makeup remover and brush the roots of the eyelashes first. It is worth noting that when you brush the roots of the eyelashes, you should be gentle and very careful to wipe the gum of the false eyelashes.

How does false eyelash discharge second step

The false eyelash root that USES discharge makeup oil to brush can fall off after a few minutes oneself, so when dismount false eyelash, must not oneself force to tear the false eyelash that sticks to go up in eyelid, because this can make his original eyelash is torn tear fall off, long force tore tear false eyelash can make eyelid becomes flabby even droop.

How does false eyelash discharge third step

After waiting for false eyelash to be disintegrated completely by discharge makeup oil fall off, reoccupy a piece of clean discharge makeup cotton, pour new discharge makeup oil on discharge makeup cotton, next use discharge makeup cotton apply an eye, when discharge makeup cotton applies an eye, must close oneself eye, because can avoid discharge makeup oil enters an eye so, injure an eye thereby. Wait to discharge makeup cotton is applied in eye ministry after 10 seconds, take off makeup cotton, when taking off makeup cotton, clean up want to be taken out gently, false eyelash is taken off easily.

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