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Classification of false eyelashes

- Nov 06, 2018 -

There are many types of false eyelashes.

According to the work divided into manual eyelashes, semi-manual eyelashes, eyelashes mechanism.

Handmade eyelashes: handmade, one by one to pull up eyelash silk, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But the process is complex and the output is limited by manpower.

Semi-manual eyelashes: the first several processes are using the machine, the latter two processes are also artificial, eyelashes finished relatively flat, good-looking.

Mechanism eyelashes: mainly machine production, but also a small part of the use of artificial. The product is beautiful in appearance, low in cost and large in output.

Press utility cent: cloth baby eyelash, film and television eyelash, imitate eyelash, individual character eyelash.

Eyelash of baby: it is to do the eyelash that the toy doll such as doll USES, thick long lovely.

Video eyelashes: after wearing, the eye's three-dimensional sense is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup and so on.

Individual eyelashes: longer and denser than other eyelashes designed for dramatic, stage performance or special makeup.

Cross-simulation of human eyelashes: after wearing, very natural, suitable for the bride makeup, natural makeup, such as black, blue, brown and purple.

According to the material mainly divided into: fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, animal hair eyelashes, feather eyelashes.

By style cent is too much, the model that makeup USES most is 99 #, 112 #, 113 #, 217 #, also have a lot of meeting use individual character, model is too much, not a enumerate. Common false eyelash is to use cotton thread string of a root eyelash silk string, make it flow line form, when making up according to individual gimmick and hobby, can do appropriate clip, reoccupy eyelash gum sticks go up in the eye. Now also popular grafting eyelashes, one by one glued, more lifelike, and also save the trouble of paste every day.

Press function cent, round the person of eye model applies the eyelash that cotton line makes, the person with heavy eyelid needs to adjust is to use nylon to make eyelash. The color choice of false eyelashes is to make the false eyelashes and oneself of eyelash knead together when appear natural, we should choose the dark brown or black that suits Asian woman.

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