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What kind of false eyelashes to use

- Nov 14, 2018 -

What kind of false eyelashes to use

Selection tip 1:

Choose to look at the stem of false eyelash besides the design besides, look even. The stalk of false eyelash divides commonly into fish line stem, cotton stem, plastic stem 3 kinds.

Selection technique 2:

Because cotton stem is very soft, stick close won't tie eyelid, also not very easy to get up, but the drawback is that after tearing stem easy to bend deformation, repetition utilization rate is low;

Selection technique 3:

Fish line stem wins in makeup effect is better, transparent invisible, convenient cut open a bunch of stick, tear off hind also can maintain original radian, and drawback is more easy fall off and become warped.

Selection skill 4:

Plastic stem is harder, degree does not have fish line stem and cotton stem good, but to single eyelid and inside the MM of double eyelid still is good choice, because hard a bit of stem can raise eyelid rise, finalize the design the result is better.

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