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Repeated use of false eyelashes

- Oct 30, 2018 -

False eyelashes are a necessity for beauty lovers. Many women are thinking about the question: can false eyelashes be reused? The editor can tell you clearly, can. However, there are some things we should pay attention to in the process of reuse, and we should follow the correct steps to reuse. Look at the details below!

In principle, fake eyelashes should be used up once and for all, in order to save resources, but if you want to use them again and again, it's ok, just be careful when you tear them off, and don't make any deformation. Better quality I suggest multiple use oh!

One, put false eyelash into small bowl, pour right amount next makeup discharge water, discharge makeup water to want a little bit without false eyelash a little bit. Soak for 5-10 minutes.

Second, then poke at the dirty parts of the false eyelashes with a cotton swab.

Three, the girls can discover, the place of eyelash stalk has eyelash glue bad to clean, don't matter, our small forceps come on the stage. Use tweezers that are designed to stick on false eyelashes or trim your eyebrows, and slowly tear off the gum.

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