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What fake eyelashes do you have for your eyes?

- Oct 24, 2018 -

Choose the best fake eyelashes for yourself

Eye type 1 - a semicircular smile

Most Match false eyelashes: naturally dense mixed false eyelashes

Always smiling eyes look long a bit like a kind old lady? The false eyelash that eye end lengthens or cross reticulation design is rejuvenated, the best helper that is permeated with youth. Elongated eye type can increase charm, natural and dense eyelashes interweave, can make the eyes look full of clever breath, let you again how smile also absolutely not show old.

Eye type 2 - small, round, watery eyes

Most Match false eyelash: spiral warped type false eyelash

Do you think small round eyes are too innocent to be persuasive? Choose for oneself the curl that a pair of eye end lengthens is warped type false eyelash, can make round eye presents streamline naturally. If you have big, round eyes that are about to fall out, a short, curly eyelash pattern is perfect for you.

Eye shape # 3 - deep double eyelid

Most Match false eyelashes: the root transparent false eyelashes

The girl of double eyelid always is on colour makeup go up occupy all advantage, at this time the false eyelash that root of candidate root is transparent sends to have scheming most, the false eyelash that 100% cooperates is the master that camouflage. In addition, double eyelid won't have any indication that the eyelid is clamped outwards when opening, had better choose transparent glue to stick close oneself eyelash root to stick firm when close.

Eye type 4 -- vintage danfeng eye

Most Match the false eyelashes: strengthen the false eyelashes in the middle

Choose the style that strengthens middle section can aggrandizement look, adjust the eye shape that picks slightly, increase intimacy, rapid vigor soars. Do not pass long, however warped natural fastens false eyelash is to make good partner, had better choose wool to hold up slightly false eyelash, although ceaseless twinkle double eye also not easy droop.

Eye type 5 - eastern style single eyelid

Most Match false eyelashes: slender false eyelashes

Needless to say, false eyelashes are definitely a dream blessing for single eyelid beauty! Especially after stickup false eyelash, even if open eye also does not expose false trace, be covered completely by upper eyelid. May wish to use this natural advantage to create the enlargement eyelash easily! Choose a pair of thin long false eyelash that is enough roll become warped, more become warped more powerful, open the eye when be not afraid to be rolled by on eyelid go in and droop become pale.

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