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Different Types Of False Eyelash Stalks

- Nov 07, 2018 -

The stalk of different eyelash is different also, weave method is different also.

Cotton stalk

Eyelash folds in the black cotton thread to make up of stem knot, this kind of knit law of false eyelash, softness is better, go up the eye is comfortable measurable tall, not easy open glue, but tear hind stem is easy bend deformation, repeat utilization rate is lower, black cotton thread stem has the effect of eyeliner however.

Transparent terrier

Eyelash fold is in transparent the stem that resembles fish line knot on, makeup effect is best, convenient cut open a bunch of stick, tear hind also can maintain original radian, softness is stronger than the false eyelash of cotton thread stem, and drawback is easier fall off and become warped.

Woven terrier

Eyelashes are lined up and stuck in a strip of flat stalks, which are hard but hold up well, with the best styling effect.

Everyday, in general, choose cotton and transparent terrier, U I everyday is like transparent terrier, because it is more natural, but if it is easy to edema or swollen eyelids, or wear false eyelashes easy step eyelids,, may be more suitable for woven because its strongest support degree, and eyelids are sensitive to the fairy is not suitable for woven terrier, eye head eye end easily.

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