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How Does False Eyelash Stick Nature

- Oct 18, 2018 -

1. Use eyelash curler to put up your eyelashes first, and help the mascara brush to keep curling. Brush a thin eyelash cream, had better choose to coil become warped model, the purpose is to help true eyelash and false eyelash stick together, won't appear the embarrassed condition of two eyelash.

2. Compare the length of the false eyelashes on your eyes. As everyone has different eye shape, you should trim the eyelashes appropriately after confirming the length.

3. Bend the eyelashes into a curve, just like massaging the eyelash stalks, which can make the eyelashes more natural and adjust the curve of the eyes.

4, trim the length that needs, the eyelash of eye end is longer commonly, cut from this one end, the eyelash of eye head is retained, can appear so more natural, must notice two false eyelash should be cut symmetrically.

5. Apply the mascara to the lower part of the eyelash stalk. Help false eyelashes to cling to the upper part of true eyelashes, compare without foreign body feeling.

6. After you have calculated the position, start from the middle of the eyelid to stick, so that it is easy to adjust.

7. Wait until the eyelash gum semi-dry when the stickiness reaches the maximum, at this time, both ends will be supported up, follow the curve of eye shape paste.

8. In order to avoid two layers of eyelashes, the real and false eyelashes should be pinched tightly with finger abdomen after being pasted.

9. If the eyelash is not warped enough, you can gently clip the eyelash again, and the force must be light, otherwise the radian may be damaged.

10. Check whether there is any gap in the eyelash patch. You can use eyeliner or gel to fill the gap and make the eyelash look more natural.

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