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Eyelash Modification Has Skill

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Fake eyelashes: it is a powerful way to improve the look and shape of your eyes. Especially with sticky double eyelid use, better effect. In life hairdressing makeup, must pay attention to the length of false eyelash, density wants moderate. Too long and too close can create a false sense. Mascara is better for weddings, parties, dances, and photo shoots.

Specific stick method: dress false eyelash to the shape of the eye of oneself first, use pointed end forceps next clip the tip of eyelash, on the place of false eyelash line besmear make up glue or natural latex. When the glue is about to dry, aim at the eyelash line, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. When looking for the first time, do not stick to all dead, wait for the eyes to open, after the location of the correct, and then press the finger flat close. The length of the false eyelash line should be slightly less than the length of the eye. The curve of the eye wool is too go up become warped can have false sense, too downward keep out eyeball, because eyelash black line two end can appear curt, accordingly, must be in inside and outside corner of the eye with black eyebrow pencil, and gradually open. When sticking false eyelash, notice must be joined together with oneself true eyelash, do not appear double layer effect. Can use eyelash clip and brush mascara to solve. When removed, soak with a little alcohol tampon and gently pull from one end of the eye toward the other. Then remove the glue from the false eyelashes. When finished, put inside the box for next use.

Mask mascara: mascara is a paste, black, brown, blue, green, gray, and other colors. Use black more often at ordinary times, it can make eyelash blackens, change thick, appear slender, still can add eye brightness. When brush dyeing, first will eyelash cream long tube twist open, pull out the brush, in the small mouth of the pen a little bit to smear, so that the brush left on the lipstick.

How to use it: close your eyes and brush slowly over the top of the eyelash from the inside out, then open your eyes and brush from the bottom up until you reach the long tip of the eyelash. At this point the eyes should be flat, as far as possible to maintain the rotation of the wrist to brush eyelashes. Brush next eyelash does not matter, if brush, must be careful, do not brush mascara body to the face.

Eyelash clip: eyelash clip is also a useful tool for beautifying the eyes. It is small and agile and useful, can stretch flat or downward growth of eyelash curlers up, in order to increase the look of the eyes and charm. When the mascara is finished, use the eyelash curler to create a beautiful curve, and the effect is ideal.

Operation method: first use the middle finger and thumb to open the eyelash clip, and then hold the upper end of the clip against the upper eyelid, so that the roots of the eyelash fall right into the middle of the clip. Then close slowly, first to try to clip the eyelid. If appropriate, clamp, then loosen and then tighten, then tighten and then loosen. Repeat this a few times. If you think your eyelashes are too cocked, move your eyelashes forward a bit and try again until you are satisfied.

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