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Tips For Wearing False Eyelashes

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Step 1. Soften false eyelashes

After taking out false eyelash if stem department hair is hard word, with the hand gently pinches the both ends of false eyelash, bend a few lashes to and fro, make stem ministry is soft a few, facilitate along eyelid stickup get closer.

Step 2. Comb the false eyelashes gently

The wool bundle of false eyelash is easy to entangle, want to comb with eyelash from the stalk of false eyelash to eyelash wool tip combing is smooth, neat.

Step 3. Create natural radians

Before using, wrap the false eyelash gently on the tube tool such as eyelash cream or eyeliner, increase the radian of the false eyelash, more close with eyelid.

Step 4. Eyelash

Before pasting false eyelashes, should use eyelash to clip oneself eyelash gently from root, let true, false eyelash more easy confluence is together.

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