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Matters Needing Attention When Using False Eyelashes

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Above all, false eyelash should choose natural, observe with naked eye, eyelash is loose close have send, long and short crisscross stand. Bend it slightly with your hand to feel its elasticity, and a good false eyelash should be proportional to its elasticity. Secondly, the selection of false eyelashes should be consistent with your own hair and skin color. If your skin color is relatively white, the hair is generally light. Wearing a pair of very thick false eyelashes is very fake.

When choosing false eyelash, should choose a few shorter than oneself eyelid to use false eyelash. Because false eyelash need not be stuck from eye head to eye end all the time, should leave a bit empty in eye head place, do so more natural. The eyelash of the person is not general already, length is not neat, the difference of eye head, eye end place, used long false eyelash suddenly, everybody can feel unaccustomed, feeling is not true. Press go up method operation, the focal point does not put on eyelash length, change and put on increase the eyelash density at eye end this one technique, its effect will be better.

What to watch for when using false eyelashes:

The key is to choose the false eyelashes that suit your eyes and trim them.

1. Take the false eyelashes and measure the length needed to cut off the excess.

2. It is used to soften so that it is easy to paste.

3. Apply the eyelash glue evenly, aim at the position, and follow the principle of getting close to the eyelashes.

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