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False Eyelashes Or Grow Eyelashes Which Good?

- Dec 19, 2018 -

False eyelashes, one of god's miracles for women, once mastered use method, believe me, you can never give it up. Of course also have a lot of MM that feels false eyelash to be troublesome and affectation to choose to plant eyelash, so false eyelash and plant eyelash, which is good after all?

First of all, let's talk about the drawbacks of eyelash: if you're a glasses user and the bridge of your nose is not high enough, the close contact between the eyelashes and the lenses will leave you with blurred vision throughout the day. And false eyelash can choose, use when wearing invisible glasses. The eyelash that has been planted is soft and long, cannot brush mascara again, a gust of wind is blown, can be as messy in the wind as the hair really, and the false eyelash that has grading feeling won't have such annoyance.

The eyelash grower has poor hand gestures, and the result is that it's not as easy to reverse and redo as it is to wear false eyelashes when she's a witch rather than a barbie. One is not careful was pulled a few come down, can not be replenished in time when, still not want to rely on a cluster of false eyelash to save urgently.

Girls who like to shower and wash their hair at the same time will give up this convenience after growing eyelashes, while false eyelashes have no such annoyance.

The most important thing is that no matter how well protected you are, when your lashes fall off, you always take part of your own lashes away. As a result, the lashes become thinner and thinner.

Of course, the advantage with planted eyelash the biggest is convenient, need not take every day false eyelash so troublesome can have the eye ministry of dream.

Actually, the malady of false eyelash: need you everyday take and take off, trouble does not say, if the technology is not in place, cannot avoid pulling down a few true eyelash. Compared to the one-time consumption of growing eyelashes, the cost of false eyelashes will be higher. The glue with bad quality is hard to avoid injury to the eye, the medicine with good quality can be reused pays attention to clean preservation, want beauty to be diligent anyhow.

All in all, plant eyelash and false eyelash each have the advantage and defect of each, if want lazy words to use a kind of eyelash, and the MM of diligent point can choose the false eyelash that does not hurt an eye.

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