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The Mink Lashes Is Expensive, Why Do Consumers Still Like To Use Mink Eyelashes?

- Dec 04, 2018 -

The mink lashes is expensive, why do consumers still like to use mink eyelashes?

Eyelashes extensions, the appearance of eyelashes extensions is popular before the eyelashes are not present, because the eyelashes extensions look more natural than the chemical eyelashes on the market, but as the society progresses, the pace of life accelerates, and the time required to do lashes extension is too Long, this greatly increases the time cost of consumers. In the Internet era, time cost is a factor that everyone must consider. It takes at least 1-2 hours to graft, and the time cost is too high and too high!

Eyelashes extensions are applied to the individual eyelashes of the fixed type of eyelashes, and the eyelashes of the eyelashes begin to fall off from the third day with the metabolism of the human body. The left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical, and the overall makeup level is lowered.

Long-term grafting of the eyelashes will cause the eyelashes to grow upside down or grow down. Touching the eyes slightly will cause pain, tears!

 Once the grafted eyelashes are grafted, there is a style, the makeup style has changed, and the eyelashes cannot be changed at any time, which is not flexible enough.

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After falling off, the left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical!

The chemical fiber eyelashes on the market look rigid, the eyelashes have no layering or layering, and the chemical fiber eyelashes are too hard. The belt has a strong blinking feeling. If you are uncomfortable, you can't work and enjoy life. !

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